Media Theory

We are a boutique firm deeply experienced in global causes and complex disputes.

Media Theory

Media Theory LLC is a Washington DC public relations and digital communications agency. Services include media relations, strategic communications, social media campaigns, digital marketing, reputation management, issues advocacy, and web design and development. Media Theory is specialized in advising on complex international political and business issues, with experience in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Media Theory

In business since 2008, Media Theory is a leading boutique DC public relations firm, one of a new breed of PR agencies that look beyond traditional print and broadcast media to focus on establishing a strong presence in online communities. We do things differently from many other larger PR and digital agencies. We are known for moving faster, acting with a high level of agility to accommodate what’s possible for our clients.

Our goal is to avoid overly aggressive marketing language while bringing a more transparent voice to our clients, connecting them with the relevant audiences with an emphasis on authenticity and credibility. We seek to add value to public debates, and communicate the client’s position through every available resource.

The right combination of PR, digital, and strategic communications

There is a diverse field of public relations and digital communications providers, especially in Washington DC. But what makes our firm stand out is the balance of capacity and specialization we offer. Some agencies will promise unfeasible results, and will be overstaffed at the senior level, leaving your account to be serviced by inexperienced staff.

Some of the leading digital firms may spent too much time and too many dollars building you a platform, but then lack a clear strategy to create strong content and actually get the messages delivered. As for the public affairs and international advocacy firms in town, sometimes the service offering is heavy on the Hill meetings, but very light on the media results.

The Benefits of a Boutique DC PR Firm

Media Theory is not a big firm, and that’s a good thing.

With a focus on high-quality, personal service and committed partnerships, Media Theory services a select group of clients and causes that we believe in. Most of our referrals come from law firms and other PR and lobbying agencies, however we also work independently with entrepreneurs, cause-related groups, and high-profile public figures.

Our role is not just limited to online activities and coordination of press relations, but rather the contribution and innovation of ideas and strategies to help clients influence outcomes and achieve their overall goals.

Meet our Team

James Kimer

President and Founder

James Kimer, President and Founder of Media Theory LLC, is a Washington DC public relations consultant with 20 years experience.

Nina Belforte

Senior Project Associate

Nina Belforte is a Senior Project Associate at Media Theory who works with clients on designing and executing public relations, social media, and content strategy.

Mauricio Montoya

Lead Designer

Mauricio Montoya Mejia is the lead web design and web development project manager at Media Theory.