Multimedia Production

Our expert designers and developers provide top quality enterprise-grade work for a wide variety of clients, from nonprofits to law firms to cause-related advocacy campaigns.

Design & Development

We have more than 10 years experience building more than 100 websites, microsites, apps, and other applications to help drive successful campaigns for our clients focused on delivering messages, converting engaged users, and building up online presence with state-of-the-art features and focus on the user experience.

Explainer Videos

Successful communications campaigns need to tell stories which resonate powerfully with audiences. There is no stronger tool in the toolbox than using video to accomplish these goals, deploying captivating and emotionally moving imagery, music, and text is something our creative studio excels in delivering, often at budgets that are highly competitive in the Washington DC marketplace.

Measuring Success

So you made an attractive motion graphic video, so what? Without a focused plan to promote and reach audiences, it is a waste of time and money to create collaterals which lack a distribution platform and a plan to reach relevant audiences.

Media Theory is deeply experienced in designing and executive digital promotion strategies which are precision targeted to the audiences we are attempting to reach, delivering intelligent metrics which allow us to make changes and adjust to the most successful engagement messages and delivery strategies.

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Multimedia Production Challenges