Media Theory is a DC public relations agency focused on global advocacy and international issues. Whether that's cultivating engaged online communities through social media campaigns, delivering earned media, or crafting image and trust with top quality digital design and development, we stand for thoughtful, strategic, value-driven communications consulting.



Case Studies

Media Theory LLC has been working in Africa for more than 15 years. We began our work in Nigeria, where we have advised high-profile political figures who were facing unlawful persecution by the state. Working in support of legal teams in disputes, we have helped craft new narratives to highlight motives of opponents, and helped wage a broad media campaign to reinstate their status. We are also active in other areas of West Africa as well as Southern Africa, where past clients have included mining, oil, financial services, and engineering firms. Talk to us to learn more.
Our experience in the Asian marketplace spans from corporate communications to pro bono human rights work. In one case, we worked closely with a pro-democracy civil society movement to train their members in social media and digital communications strategy, including media training of their spokespersons and devising a strategy for interacting with the foreign press in the lead up to the next election. The Media Theory team has also advised clients on litigation-related disputes from Japan to Malaysia and Cambodia.
Media Theory LLC has more than a decade of experience providing consulting services to law firms, companies, and individuals in European countries such as the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Russia, and the United Kingdom. We have represented a political prisoner, prominent business leaders, and NGOs to help them expand their online visibility and manage complex campaigns to shape perceptions and garner support among key audiences.
Media Theory LLC has a long history of working in Latin America. The company's founder has lived in Chile (as well as Spain), and holds a Masters degree in Latin American Studies with a focus on political science. Our company has been involved in advising on high level disputes and campaigns in Guatemala and Venezuela, and have represented foreign investors in Brazil. Get in touch for more information about our strong track record in the Americas.

Field Notes

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