Case Study:

Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity

Nonprofit Practice

Atlantic Fellows

The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity is a one-year global fellowship program based at the George Washington University Health Workforce Institute in Washington, DC, one of seven Atlantic Institute fellowships focused on eliminating global inequities. AFHE’s vision is to develop global leaders who understand the foundations of health inequity and have the knowledge, skills, and courage to build more equitable organizations and communities.

We added AFHE to our portfolio in September 2020 with a mandate to expand the pool of fellowship applicants, especially in the US and within demographic and professional gap areas, to promote the work of past fellows, and to help the fellowship find its voice as a leader in the health equity space.

Atlantic Fellows

We implemented a recruitment campaign using organic and paid social media promotion, cross-promotion with the fellowship’s ongoing research activities, and public support from the fellowship’s high-level partners and allies. The 2020 recruiting season garnered the highest number of applications in the fellowship’s history, including the highest number of US-based applicants.

Refining and implementing a core message has been a critical piece of our work with AFHE. Highlighting dozens of fellows from a diverse range of sectors, countries, and backgrounds has required flexibility and sensitivity as well as disciplined messaging.

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