Media Theory LLC is a top provider of social media consulting services to clients seeking to make an impact among online communities. Social media is in our DNA: our team first began professionally blogging for clients in 2005, publishing tens of thousands of posts before Facebook was open to general public and long before Twitter had been invented. Using the latest tools and proprietary methods, we plan and execute effective campaigns to build up significant followings, engage audiences with dynamic written, visual, and multimedia content, and shape perceptions regarding the client’s key issues.

What’s the value of a social media consultant?

For many organizations and individuals, social media is an afterthought. After all, these platforms are all basically free, and any intern or college student appears skillful enough to populate them with content. Some groups will just hand these tasks to junior staff, who often have no background in communications and even less time to dedicate to the tremendously consuming task. Months later, the CEO is disappointed to see only a few hundred followers and likes, and extremely little engagement from the community.

So some groups take the next step and hire the big guns – in Washington DC, for example, there are no shortage of big PR firms and digital communications consultancies who will happily charge a very steep retainer, and then end up passing down your daily social media management to their most inexperienced staff. The result ends up being quite disappointing in terms of return on investment, or, even worse, with crucial mistakes and gaffes that make headlines.

How Media Theory is different.

At Media Theory we do not downgrade your file to support staff. We believe that a successful social media consultant should provide a concerted strategy, brilliantly crafted content, and authenticity. Your community does not want to be spoken to, they prefer to engage in a conversations. Elements of humor, irony, and sometimes controversy must be carefully and skillfully handled by experienced principal-level consultants to achieve successful outcomes. There is no magic bullet to social media – you cannot buy your way to the top, instead you need a team to painstakingly work for it, day by day and hour by hour.

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