Media Theory has a long history of working on issues advocacy campaigns, both large and small, from Africa to Asia and Latin America. With proven experience in policy, field work, opposition research, and communications, we help our clients structure operations and contribute on a wide array of needs.


Media Theory is not a polling firm, but we recognize the priority of quality research in guiding effective messaging. We are partners with an accomplished, globally experienced polling firm which can assist clients in the identification of issues, the preferences of voters and customers, and how to build a platform that resonates with the community. We coordinate with an extensive network of legal and public advocacy professionals to gain a comprehensive, localized understanding of each project’s dynamics. A successful campaign requires a holistic approach, and our research leaves no stone unturned.


Our team works with clients to identify objectives, develop messaging, and test these initiatives to obtain optimal responses. After extensive assessment and diagnostics, we take the initiative, devise and articulate impactful messages that adapt to the client. We work proactively on each campaign to shape the public debate around the most strategic issues. In other words, we don’t just advise, we create.

Opposition Research

One of our core capacities is planning effective attack strategies against opponents based on deep research into past statements, records, activities, and relationships. We take an exhaustive approach to opposition research, searching for effective points of vulnerability and inconsistency, and in some cases, refer to an outside investigations firm. We identify the key players, groups, and entities to target in order to maximize the client’s impact and overcome competitors with a stronger message.

Digital Communications

Our firm has been retained on a number of international political campaigns to build, support, and maintain comprehensive digital platforms at competitive rates. We have a long history of successful social media campaigning coordinated with participatory websites, apps, email campaigns, and other innovative engagements with grassroots communities to build movements.