Every communications campaign features numerous moving parts, but how well you promote yourself online is major aspect of your public profile. Flooded by content, messages, and choices, these days Internet and social media are increasingly turning toward video as the most successful and compelling form of content – which is why Media Theory offers its Washington DC explainer video production services.

The numbers speak for themselves – video is the new content king. According to publicly available data, on YouTube there are more than 5 billion video views every day, on Facebook 500 million watch a video a day, on Twitter more than 82% of the audience consumes video content, while Snapchat is known to generate more than 10 billion video views a day. The market is responding – according to a poll by YouAppi, 85% of digital marketers plan to increase their video investment for mobile marketing efforts in 2018, up 10% over last year.

For many companies and organizations, it is simply not feasible to generate a regular flow of live action video shoots, which take up incredible amounts of time and resources. Instead, there is increasing demand for short motion-graphic and motion-text videos using available footage and images to tell a story that appeals to your audience. That’s where Media Theory comes in.


Washington DC explainer video consultants

We have helped dozens of clients produce, launch, and promote successful viral videos, covering topics as diverse as US education to economic development in Africa to Latin America foreign policy. We begin by defining the goal, workshopping the message, and working closely together on crafting a compelling script that clearly communicates the client’s story. We then initiate production with one of our expert video editors to compile the content and successfully deliver the product to the client, on time, on budget.

Our company is also deeply experienced in managing online and social media advertising spends, making sure that budgets are optimized on the right targets and that tactics are adapted to reflect the results.

A static campaign is a fruitless campaign, which is why our explainer video and motion graphic video strategies evolve along with your message. With meticulous analytic research, we adapt each project’s blueprint to the ebbs and flows of traffic within its target audiences.

The Internet of today is not the Internet of five years ago, and the Internet five years from now will look nothing like ours today. Conventional methods of online outreach have their limitations, meaning innovation is key. We are constantly monitoring how people consume video content while refining our tactics accordingly. As new channels arise, we make sure our clients get their foot in the door first.

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