Issues Advocacy

As a Washington DC-based communications firm, we have deep experience advancing issues advocacy campaigns as well as public affairs efforts from the communications side. Partnering with experienced lobbyists, our team has helped to schedule presentations with Members of Congress and leadership of federal agencies, and convert that momentum into results.

Our approach to issues advocacy campaigns is uniquely detailed. We study the underlying roots and history around each client’s cause in order to best understand how their needs align with the interests of other parties. We locate and create leverage for third parties to take a more active interest in securing our preferred outcomes by compiling mutual interests into a single campaign goal.

Media Theory also has a long history of working with nonprofits like the Atlantic Council, Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity, and ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership to advance their issues and causes, make connection with relevant stakeholders, and elevate awareness among critical audiences.

Insights on
Media Relations

The dramatic redistribution of wealth and influence we’ve experienced over the past few decades has opened up extraordinary business opportunities in far-flung countries – fashionably referred to as the Frontier Markets. With fast-growing populations finally gaining access to purchasing power, consumer brands, financial services, and bold investors are rushing into places like Colombia, Indonesia, Nigeria,..

james-kimer-media-theory-150x150 9 James Kimer, July 10, 2019

In today’s news cycle of intense political coverage, social demonstrations, and real-time news updates via social media; the media climate is extremely volatile and overly inundated with breaking news. This is becoming even more difficult when trust in media is at all-time low, with a vast array of so-called “fake news” outlets sowing confusion and..

james-kimer-media-theory-150x150 9 James Kimer, July 10, 2019