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Media Theory has built more than 100 websites, microsites, and landing pages for clients since our launch in 2008. Our approach is web design is focused on user experience, search engine optimization, and simplicity. Given the profile of the majority of our clients – law firms, nonprofits, political candidates, small- and medium-sized businesses – the main focus of our design and development team is to develop communications platforms for engagement. For help building a sales platform or more advanced functionality, we would usually refer the client to another provider.

On the Internet, you only have one chance to make a first impression, and usually, that involves a Google search and a click to a landing page. We work with clients to control that process and ensure that the audiences seeking information about you find the messages that we define, including with a coherent brand identity across multiple platforms and spaces.

Our design and development team features some of the top talent in the marketplace provided at highly competitive rates. We have worked with think tanks to develop interactive infographics, we’ve helped a major business publish and promote a landing page related to a public interest cause against the misconduct of another party, and we’ve created highly successful interactive polls on major policy questions – all of which have outperformed engagement targets and delivered major return on investment for our clients.

Insights on
Media Relations

In the grand scheme of things, foreign relations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China have focused more so on balancing competition and cooperation, while fairly regularly omitting one key issue. We’re talking, of course, about human rights, or the lack thereof in China.


James Kimer, October 14, 2021

Audience is everything for digital marketers – after all, if you are going to invest so much time and resources into creating perfect content, what’s the point if there is no one there to read it? Back in the early days of the Internet – even the early aughties – building an audience for your..

James Kimer, September 20, 2021

In today’s news cycle of intense political coverage, social demonstrations, and real-time news updates via social media; the media climate is extremely volatile and overly inundated with breaking news. This is becoming even more difficult when trust in media is at all-time low, with a vast array of so-called “fake news” outlets sowing confusion and..

James Kimer, August 19, 2021