In today’s news cycle of intense political coverage, social demonstrations, and real-time news updates via social media; the media climate is extremely volatile and overly inundated with breaking news. This is becoming even more difficult when trust in media is at all-time low, with a vast array of so-called “fake news” outlets sowing confusion and ambiguity based on their politics.

The media is both your best friend and worst enemy when it comes to generating press for your organization. With the influx of social media, influential bloggers, and extremely socially conscious consumers; organizations can no longer afford to abide by traditional media outreach: press releases, pitch calls, etc. Today’s media outreach requires a strong strategy and meticulously curated content.

The difference between a great organization and a successful organization boils down to its ability to convey and amplify its message. It’s never been harder to get your audience’s attention. Our primary focus is to help you create a compelling message that rises above the fray and garners media attention. But how do you compete with the barrage of impulsive breaking news?

The key to generating press in a volatile media climate is to strategically insert your voice into the national conversation and actually contribute value. Making the decision to insert your voice into the national conversation is not a decision to be taken lightly, and requires input from media strategists and experts; the caveat is to remember the media can be your best friend or your worst enemy. At Media Theory we have worked with clients to help navigate complex issues in local, national, and international media markets to produce earned media.

Here’s the blueprint from our Media Theory PR team on how to generate top-tier media coverage:

How Washington DC PR firms develop relationships

Media Theory experts rely on our longstanding relationships with reporters, writers, and media influencers. Media relationship building extends beyond email outreach and cold-calling. The first step in generating media coverage is to identify the appropriate news reporter to disseminate your message. Reporters have motives, interest areas, and reporting styles; understanding each of these components helps you build a strong relationship and effectively tailor your content accordingly. Which brings us to the next step, the pitch.

Forget PR and craft a compelling pitch that a reporter can use

We know firsthand the unique approach and creative messaging needed to land media coverage in a violate climate. Media Theory experts have executed Africa PR campaigns that has successfully created new narratives for high-profile political figures who were facing unlawful persecution, our broad media Africa PR campaign in targeted African countries contributed to the reinstatement of a favorable status among high-profile political figures; thanks to our keen ability to pitch and land media coverage. The core fundamentals to delivering a quality pitch are accuracy and angle. We provide accurate facts and position the angle in favor of our client.

Why Media Theory always uses a news hook

There’s a science to taking a hot button issue or a trending news story and making it your own. The news hook is by far the most important part of generating media coverage. Many organizations may not have the media relationships, a stellar story pitch, but if they can demonstrate an effective news hook, they are best positioned to garner media coverage. The key to the news hook is relevancy. Reporters can’t resist a timely and relevant news worthy story.

Don’t be afraid of taking side and advocating politically

As political coverage continues to dominate the headlines, a portion of your PR efforts must be ready to speak to current politics within your region. Knowing when to use political rhetoric and when not to use it, is a balance that Media Theory experts have conquered. Our strongest advice when using political rhetoric is to stay on message, never deviating from the prescribed message.

Media coverage remains an essential way to amplify your message. We pride ourselves on partnering closely with you to magnify your message through increased media coverage.